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Found footage, home videos and filmed interviews reveal the broad tapestry of our country today. Focusing on households, individuals and communities; their hopes, their fears, their dreams and their beliefs of what it is to be alive in Britain today. 

Individual's stories from across the country, and observational studies of our towns, cities and countryside, give a snapshot of our culture as a whole. 

From coast to coast, Voices of Britain, is an oral history of Britain NOW at the most divisive and crucial time in our countries recent history.


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We want to talk to people across the entire United Kingdom, of all ages and from every walk of life, to reflect the hopes, fears and dreams of our country today.

If you don't want to appear on camera we understand, we're far more interested in your voice and what you have to say. 

So reach out using the form below and we'll bring the tea.  

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About the filmmakers


alex Campbell

Alex is writer and director living between London and Los Angeles. His work is an exploration of  identity, mental health and the journeys we take to belong or find a sense of home. 

Alex's work has received successful festival runs in Europe, Africa, and North America, as well as being sold for domestic and international distribution. In 2016 Alex became the first international recipient of the Sundance Ignite Fellowship for emerging filmmakers at the Sundance Film Festival. 



Sam is a filmmaker and artist living in Yorkshire and London. His work continues to develop a personal exploration of love and loss through experimentation with language and light. 

Sam's work has been featured in, amongst others, The Abacus, Brainchild Arts Festival, Little White Lies, ID, Dazed and Confused, Paolo Nutini's Arena Tour, Publicis, Raindance Film Festival, Luma Film Festival, South East Shorts, Aesthetica Film Festival, Film Shortage, the Royal Television Society Awards and the Television Cameramen Guild Awards.